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  • Low Country Trio Golf Deal

    Low Country Trio Golf Deal

    LOW COUNTRY TRIO GOLF DEAL  Leave the snow and ice behind you this winter and spend your days playing golf and your nights just playing in beautiful Myrtle Beach with the Low Country Trio Golf Deal (3 Nights, 3 Rounds Stay and Play)!  Included: 3...

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  • Mystical Golf Deal – Man O War, The Witch & The Wizard Stay & Play

    Mystical Golf Deal – Man O War, The Witch & The Wi...

    MYSTICAL GOLF PACKAGE – MYRTLE BEACH  3 Nights, 3 Rounds Mystical Stay and Play  While they are shoveling snow and waiting for the thaw at home, you can playing golf at some of the most iconic courses in Myrtle Beach during the day and enjoying...

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  • Myrtlewood Rewards Golf Package – Myrtle Beach, SC

    Myrtlewood Rewards Golf Package – Myrtle Beach, SC

      MYRTLEWOOD REWARDS GOLF PACKAGE – MYRTLE BEACH, SC  4 Nights, 4 Rounds & Much More! Prices have been set for Spring golf packages! It’s time to start thinking about a Spring get-away. How about a family golf outing? Wouldn’t someone...

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  • The Glens Fall 4-Night 4- Round Stay and Play

    The Glens Fall 4-Night 4- Round Stay and Play

    For those golf enthusiasts who want to plunge into link-style golf the way it was originally played in Great Britain, “The Glens Stay and Play Package” is a great opportunity to do just that with just a bit of Scottish thriftiness thrown in for good...

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The Carolinian Oceanfront Rewards Stay and Play

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The Oceanfront Carolinian Resort in the heart of Myrtle Beach features one and two bedroom oceanfront and ocean view condos perfect for golf groups. With a few prime weeks remaining in the Fall 2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Season we created “The Carolinian Oceanfront Rewards Stay and Play“. Whats Included? 3-Nights Oceanfront at Carolinian Resort Pay for 3, 4th Night is FREE Departure Cleaning Included Linens & Bath Towels Included 1-Round @ MBN – South Creek 1-Round @ MBN –...

The 2016 Myrtle Beach World Amateur Champion is …..

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Every year, thousands of golfers flock to the Golf Capital to play in the Worlds Largest Amateur golf tournament. With more than 40 courses participating, this allows golfer to play several different layouts along the Grand Strand with the hopes of making it to the Championship round held at the 2013 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year, the Barefoot Resort & Golf Dye Club. This year was no different, with Hurricane Hermine off the east coast threatening to cause damage with heavy rain the...

Myrtle Beach Fall Festivals and Events for 2016

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    Here in Myrtle Beach, we have so much more to offer than great golf, great food, beach etc. We try to find every reason possible to have a festival. Below is a list of upcoming fall festivals in Myrtle Beach you should take advantage of while here on your golf trip. 8/29 – 9/2/2016 – Myrtle Beach World Amateur Golf Championship – 3000+ amateur golfers competing for the #1 amateur golfer in the world. 9/2 – 9/3/2016 – Beach Boogie & BBQ Festival – 25+...

The 2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year is ……..

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The 2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year is ……..
The Myrtle Beach Golf Course Owners Association recently announced the 2016 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of The Year. The committee selects the winner based on four criteria: quality of the golf course, quality of the management and ownership, contribution to the game of golf and contribution to the community. Congratulations to Litchfield Country Club One of the first eight courses to be built along the Grand Strand, the Willard Byrd designed Litchfield Golf Course opened for play in 1966 and still...

The Grip – The Classic Swing Golf School

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The Grip – The Classic Swing Golf School
A quality grip is a grip that places the handle in the fingers and NOT in the palms of your hands.  When the grip is placed in the fingers, there is optimal leverage and control from the hands and wrists. The position of the thumbs on the grip is very important as well. The thumbs should be placed off center with your top thumb in back of center and your bottom thumb forward of center. The focal point to key on when checking your grip is the letter V. The line formed between the thumb and the...

Tension & How it Powers Your Driver Swing

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Tension & How it Powers Your Driver Swing
Tension is the number one enemy in the game of golf, and when golfers search for distance, the muscles tend to tighten instead of relax. Effort is not the answer! There are three key essentials for power with the driver; relaxed arms, full turn back and through, and the release. Number one is to have relaxed arms. Power comes from relaxed muscles not tight muscles. Number two is the turn. You have to load the power to be able to dump the power. You will need to get a full shoulder turn in the backswing...

Stretching Exercises – The Classic Golf Swing Way

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Stretching Exercises – The Classic Golf Swing Way
The following will describe some exercises that will guarantee your golf muscles to be warmed up before you play or practice. I am going to stretch all of the most important parts of the body for the golf swing. Tension in the body is the nemesis to good golf shots. Becoming loose and relaxed is a component to enjoyment! For the first stretch, we are going to isolate the muscles in the shoulders, back, lats, and the rotator cuffs. These muscle groups are vital to the golfer’s ability to turn....

Flying Wedges – What you Need to Know

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Flying Wedges – What you Need to Know
Do you ever wonder why your ball is spinning too far left or too far right? Maybe you should check out your clubface! At The Classic Swing Golf School, we have a drill that is helpful anytime of the year but specifically starting out the season. This drill is going to help out your clubface control as well as your pivot. At The Classic Swing Golf School, we call this the 9:00-3:00, toe up to toe up drill. On the video, you will see that I am demonstrating with a 9 iron and 6 iron, but this drill...

Proper Alignment – Let Ted Frick Show You How

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Proper Alignment – Let Ted Frick Show You How
All good golf starts with proper alignment! Proper alignment begins from behind the ball. You must first put your body in a position, no more than ten feet behind the ball, where the ball is directly between you and your target. This is when you should positively visualize your upcoming shot. Try to imagine a pair of railroad tracks. One side of the track represents your target line. This line passes through the middle of your golf ball and extends to your target and beyond. The other side of the...