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The F.A.Q. for Golfers

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Golf FAQ

How much is the deposit to book my tee times only? 

The deposit is $100 per golfer to book tee times. If the tee time total is less than $100 per round, the total is due in full at the time of booking. 


How long is my quote valid?

Tee time only quotes are valid for 5 days without a deposit. 


What if my tee time is rained out?

If it is raining at the your accomidations does not mean it is raining at the golf course. Each golf course has their own rain policy. If you are rained out, you must go to the golf course you are schduled to play and get yoru rain check. If you do not show to get your rain check, the golf course will not issue a rain check at a later date. We have no control over each golf course rain check policy. 


Do my tee times come with meals?

Not every golf course provides meals with rounds of golf. However a few golf courses in Myrtle Beach do offer meals. Check the package page or golf course page to see if meals are included or check with our Golf Director for more information.


How do I know if the golf course im playing has recently punched greens or recently overseeded?

We do our best to stay on top of Myrtle Beach Golf Course conditions. Most courses punch greens at the end of  May and the beginning of June. The courses will usually Overseed in February for Spring and October or November for Fall. The dates are always tentitve and can change do to weather.  


What is included with my tee times?

When booking a tee time with your green fees, cart  fees and taxes are included. Golf Courses may or may not include range balls prior to your round as well as meals and or beverages. Check  the course page for more information.


What is the fee to book my tee times?

There are no hidden fees when booking tee times with us.


What is the dress code to play golf in Myrtle Beach?

The dress code for golf courses in Myrtle Beach vary by course. Collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts or slacks and no denim is usually required. 


Can I bring my cooler with me to the golf course?

Simple Answer, No, you can not. 




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