Frequently Asked Questions

Myrtle Beach Travel

Without a doubt, a rental car is a great idea. There just aren’t a whole lot of taxis in the Myrtle Beach area and mass transportation is virtually non-existent. Golf Trek recommends that you check out the national car rental website, as internet specials normally offer the very best deal. All types of vehicles are available. Just keep in mind that “vans” are at a premium in the Spring.

Get Exclusive Rental Car Rates Here

We’ve learned to do what we do best and that involves arranging the lodging and golf for our golfers. Your best bet if you know you want to fly into the Carolinas is to look at the various Internet travel sites, such as,, or call the airlines directly to get a plane ticket.

We advise that you get the air schedule straightened out first prior to making the golf arrangements. When looking at airports, besides Myrtle Beach, you can also consider flying into Charleston, SC (1 1/2 hours south), Wilmington, NC (1 1/2 hours north, or even Florence, SC (1 1/4 hours west). We can arrange to have you play a round at a course not far from the airports on your way into the Myrtle Beach area. The same holds true for your flight back home.

$4 per person per round for Inclement weather insurance. All playing members of the group must opt for this coverage for all rounds of golf. Must be purchased prior to final payment of your golf package in order for coverage to be valid. Once the group has opted for coverage, it is non-cancellable.

In order to qualify for a refund the course has to be deemed CLOSED and not accepting ANY play for the date you are scheduled to play. The decision to close the golf course is very infrequent and completely up to the golf course. Golf Trek has no control over the golf course’s decision. The golf course is not party to the insurance being offered. Often times it may be raining, but the golf course is still open for play. In this scenario the golf course, at it’s option, typically issues rain checks. This occurs when it’s raining, but the course is still in a condition where it’s playable. If the course is not closed, but is issuing rain checks a refund for the inclement weather insurance does not apply.

In order to receive the refund due to golf course closure, we will need the voucher signed by a representative of the golf course and mailed back to Golf Trek such that we can verify and process the refund. No exceptions.

We receive many questions about flights to Myrtle Beach so we thought we’d give you a heads up on the current list of airlines servicing Myrtle Beach and what direct flights exist. We don’t book airline travel but we are very familiar with what is going on. Service is our priority.

We offer travel insurance through CSA Travel Protection. Covers Trip Cancellation, Trip Interuption, Travel Delay, Missed Connection, Medical / Dental, Rental Car Damage, Baggage and personal effects.

Golf Questions

A surcharge is an additional fee you pay over and above the base cost of golf when you choose to play premium courses. Surcharges reflect a higher cost of green fees than what is included in the base price non surcharge courses. Some surcharge courses are worth paying the extra surcharge fee, SOME ARE DEFINITELY …NOT! Want to save money and PLAY the very best courses… ASK YOUR GOLFMASTER. Rest assured that when you book with Golf Trek all surcharges are included. We never have ANY hidden fees.

If you owned a golf course would you only open 1/2 of your course? If a course (probably like your home course) books STRAIGHT THRU tee times with everyone teeing off on hole #1 that means the back nine holes will be closed for the first 2 1/2 hours in the morning.

By double teeing off #1 and #10 simultaneously, a course doubles its early morning tee times and gains an additional 17 tee times or 68 golfers each morning ($3,000 – $7,000). Both mornings and afternoons are double teed at the majority of courses.  There are a select few that can not double tee, because the 9th hole does not come back to the clubhouse.  Give us a call and we can give you all the details of which courses are set up this way.

Spouses will not be charged for any golf if they don’t play; therefore, we will gladly arrange a price for any non-golfer based on lodging only, as long as there are some golfers in the group. Non-golfers will be charged a cart fee at the course if they ride along at the golf course.

Tee times are normally scheduled 8 minutes apart. This equates to 7 tee times per hour or 17 tee times during the morning from 7:00 am to 9:20 am. 17 tee times off hole #1 and 17 tee times off hole #10 are double teed. Depending upon daylight, tee times are then rescheduled in the afternoon. Shorter daylight means less tee times in the afternoon in November, December, January and February. Tee times will run from noon until 1:00-1:30 pm. As daylight lengthens, tee times will be scheduled from noon to 2:30 pm. Tee Times are opened to booking one year in advance. PLANNING as far in advance will help you secure your preferred course(s).

Are subject to availability on the day you play. To increase your chance of replay, play early, 1st out is 1st back in and has 1st chance of replay…. Choose courses that have multiple courses or sister courses nearby. Play courses where local members don’t take the majority of the afternoon times… or get a guaranteed replay with a Golf Trek Guaranteed afternoon Tee Time. Give your GolfMaster a call to explore your possibilities.

Beware of any competitor’s legal language that reads… “NO REFUNDS FOR ANY UNUSED portion of package!” 90% of our competitors keep ALL of your monies regardless of the weather conditions. We don’t believe it’s fair… do you? The Golden Rule applies for us. If GOLF TREK isn’t charged by the course… then you get a REFUND!

The key in playing 2 rounds on the same day is IF you have time to actually PLAY 2 courses, eat lunch and travel between the courses. You’ve got to start early in the morning. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME STARTS the 1st Sunday in April and ENDS the LAST Sunday in October. DAYLIGHT in FEBRUARY, MARCH and NOVEMBER is RESTRICTED. If you plan on a 4 1/2 hour round in the AM and a 5 hour round in the PM…then you’ve got time in between for lunch and travel. Most courses open at 7:30 AM in February and March. PLAN WISELY.


Most golfers book their package well in advance. We ask that each golfer pay a deposit of $100 per person at the time of booking. Each person can pay individually on our website, or the group leader can pay the deposit on behalf of the group.

To allow for enough time to get the final package information to you, we required the balance at least 30 days prior to your arrival date. You may pay by check, money order, certified check, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. On a booking with an arrival date of fewer than 30 days, the deposit and balance will have to be paid at the time of the booking.


After you have selected your preferred trip preferences as to course and / or accommodation selection, we will confirm all your courses in the requested time and order. In most cases we are able to get the requested lodging, tee time, day and course you prefer. If there is a conflict, then we will communicate with the group leader as to alternatives.

In rare circumstances, we may have to substitute lodging, golf course, time or day. After confirmation of your itinerary, your payment will be processed and a confirmation will be emailed to you. Once your package is paid in full, you will receive an email containing your final confirmation package. The final confirmation will be a package of 10-15 pages including driving directions, check in instructions, golf tee times, golf course vouchers, directions to the golf courses, maps of the area and other relevant information.


– A written notice of cancellation must be received to process any refund. We would like to work with you to minimize any cancellation fee, so give us as much time as possible.

– Cancellation 31+ days prior to arrival: will be charged a $35.00 per person cancellation fee less any prepaid or non-refundable fees Incurred by Golf Trek. OR a full **credit to be used on a future package.

– Cancellation 30-14+ days prior to arrival: will be charged a $100.00 per person fee, OR a full credit to be used on a future package less any prepaid or non-refundable fees incurred by Golf Trek.

– Cancellation 13-7 days prior to arrival: a credit will be issued to be used on a future package. The amount of this credit will be subject to change fees and any prepaid or non- refundable fees incurred by Golf Trek. This will be taken on a case-by-case basis but no refunds can be issued inside 13 days.

– Cancellation 6 days prior to arrival: no refund or credit will be made available.

Nearly all the time you will save money by going through Golf Trek. Along with that, you let us do all the work that it requires to put together a golf package, saving you time and work in the process. Remember that we do this every day and there’s a reason the majority of our customers become repeat customers. We provide a service, to you, the golfer.

We are able to stay on top of golf course conditions such that if a problem arose, we can notify you and give you the option to switch courses. We realize golf is 1st and foremost and want to ensure you are playing courses in tip top conditions. The same applies with the lodging. We are looking out for your best interests.

Lodging Questions

1- After we have discussed your preferred trip preferences as to course and accommodation selection..we will….Call your courses in their preferred order either by course preference or time preference. Please be aware that we will try to get the exact time, day and course you prefer. If these conflict or are not available…then we will try to book your second choice, etc. We may have to substitute course, time or day for your tee times. We will check availability for the accommodations as you requested.If we have any problems with your courses or accommodations, we will contact you as soon as possible to layout your options. We will then proceed upon our new instructions to book your new preferences. We will notify you by email/fax/phone what has been booked for your package. If any changes need to be made…let us know what we should do to finalize your package. Your deposit will be processed and a first confirmation will be emailed to you.

2- After your final payment is processed, we will email your final confirmation. The final confirmation will be a package of 10-15 pages including driving directions, check in instructions, golf tee times, directions to the golf courses, maps of the area and other relevant information.

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