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Mystical Golf Package

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While a little bit of help from the supernatural never hurts when building a golf course in a swamp, for Claude Pardue the decision to name his company’s first Myrtle Beach golf course The Witch was based on marketing, not magic. “I wanted to make it (the name) something that everybody would remember, something that popped out at you,” Pardue, CEO of Mystical Golf, told an interviewer a few years back. But without a great course to back it, Pardue also knew the name would be seen as just a gimmick and the course a joke.

Twenty-plus years later, no one is laughing at The Witch or its two sister courses, The Wizard and Man O’ War, all three being collaborations between Pardue and noted golf course architect Dan Maples. Built-in environmentally sensitive wetlands, Pardue is particularly proud those wetlands weren’t disturbed during construction and resulted in three of Myrtle Beach’s most unique courses.

Determined each course be as different as possible, Pardue decided the Man O’ War course would be laid out on a lake. But first, he had to create the lake. While he only needed to dig down a few feet because of the property’s high water table, he still had 1.5 million cubic yards of earth to dispose of, most of which went to create elevation changes of up to 45 feet on The Wizard, being developed at the same time.

It’s hard to find three courses that are so close and yet so different in the play they offer. And that commitment to providing three distinct experiences extends to the separate clubhouses for each course with The Wizard featuring a castle-style clubhouse, Man O’ War a clubhouse on stilts over the water, and The Witch clubhouse a traditional design with high gables resembling the point of a witch’s hat.

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