Flying Wedges – What you Need to Know

Do you ever wonder why your ball is spinning too far left or too far right? Maybe you should check out your clubface! At The Classic Swing Golf School, we have a drill that is helpful anytime of the year but specifically starting out the season. This drill is going to help out your clubface control as well as your pivot. At The Classic Swing Golf School, we call this the 9:00-3:00, toe up to toe up drill.

On the video, you will see that I am demonstrating with a 9 iron and 6 iron, but this drill can be completed with any club in your bag. If I am standing inside a clock, address is 6:00. In your backstroke when the club is parallel to the ground, this position will be referred to as 9:00. At this point, you should have the toe of the golf club pointing up to the sky. Then, as you make the motion through with your body, you want to go to 3:00 with the toe pointing up to the sky as well. On your way to 3:00, known as the follow through, make sure your arms are at full extension. You will need forearm rotation to execute this drill properly.

The primary goal is to understand that the hands control the clubface. When the toe of the club points up at 9:00 and 3:00 the clubface is square during the swing. Undesirable spin on the golf ball means an improperly aligned clubface. The 9:00- 3:00 toe up to toe up drill ensures a square clubface, therefore, a more neutral spin on the ball. If the golf ball is spinning crazy, try this drill!