Proper Alignment – Let Ted Frick Show You How

Proper Alignment – Let Ted Frick Show You How

All good golf starts with proper alignment! Proper alignment begins from behind the ball. You must first put your body in a position, no more than ten feet behind the ball, where the ball is directly between you and your target. This is when you should positively visualize your upcoming shot.

Try to imagine a pair of railroad tracks. One side of the track represents your target line. This line passes through the middle of your golf ball and extends to your target and beyond. The other side of the track is your body line. It is aligned parallel left of your target line. Once you have established a visual image of these two lines, pick out a “spot” on the ground no more than two feet in front your ball that lies directly on the target line. Your “spot” might be a dark or light blade of grass, a piece of pine straw, a divot, a broken tee, or anything else that you can easily pick out when you address the ball.

It is much easier to achieve proper alignment by moving your target from two hundred yards away to two inches in front of your ball. In the video, I am on a dog leg right and the tee box sets you up to the left. This scenario deceptively works me away from the hole. Where do you aim? I like to use the logo on my ball to reflect my target line. With the line, set it up to a designated target towards the middle of the fairway.

After correctly positioning the clubface and establishing your target line, position your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders parallel left of the target line on your body line. Now I am set up to hit my golf ball more towards the middle of the fairway instead of away from the fairway. Learn to use the line on your ball or a spot in front of your ball to represent the target line to establish proper alignment.

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