Stretching Exercises – The Classic Golf Swing Way

The following will describe some exercises that will guarantee your golf muscles to be warmed up before you play or practice. I am going to stretch all of the most important parts of the body for the golf swing. Tension in the body is the nemesis to good golf shots. Becoming loose and relaxed is a component to enjoyment!

For the first stretch, we are going to isolate the muscles in the shoulders, back, lats, and the rotator cuffs. These muscle groups are vital to the golfer’s ability to turn. Exercise number one, hold the golf club out in front of your chest with the left palm up on one end of the club and the right palm down on the other end. Now rotate the left arm up and over the right arm. From here, place your feet together and do a waste bend, this will stretch the lumbar, gluts, hamstrings and the calves. Ideally we are going to hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds.

For our second stretch, we are going to have the right palm up and left palm down. Rotate the right arm up and over the left. While standing erect, rotate the chest to the right by opening up the hips to stretch out the back and then rotate your trunk to the left. For the final exercise, spread your feet and straighten your arms up above your head. Look up to the sky, reach for the sky and lean back. This stretches the belly and the back. Now, bring your eyes forward, point your toes forward, and go into a deep squat. This is going to get all the blood flowing through the quads, hamstrings, and gluts while keeping your arms above your head.

Do these stretches and you are certain to have warm loose muscles ready for a good golf swing.