Why Do Courses in Myrtle Beach Double Tee?

Most golfers visiting Myrtle Beach love mid morning tee times. What they do not know is that most courses do not offer mid morning tee times for one reason, money! The term ?Double Tee? means that golf courses will start groups off the 1st and 10th hole at the same time.

If a golf courses started every group playing that day on the 1st hole, that would leave the back nine open for about 2 hours and 15 mins, depending on the tee time increments each course operates. Why is this a problem? It would leave about 15 open tee times. At 4-golfers per tee time, that is a lot of golfers and a lot of lost revenue.

If a golf course has an average green fee of $50 per golfer, that is an additional $3,000 per day in green and cart fees only that the course is not making.  Not to mention lost revenue in the pro shop and food and beverage. On the higher end, if a golf course has an average green fee of $200 per golfer, that could be $12,000 per day of money lost, again depending on the tee time schedule.

When planing your next Myrtle Beach Golf Package keep in mind, the majority of golf courses do not have open tee times after 9:30 am depending on the course.